Sunday, November 1, 2015

Writing prompt: That's not awkward at all

Two things happened to me this week.

One, David Sedaris came through town on a lecture tour, and I (along with a full house) got to hear him read some stuff about, oh, having his family over for Thanksgiving, playing Sorry! with his niece, and feeding his lipoma to a turtle. Naturally, that got me thinking about personal essays.

Two, I went to a Halloween party, and somehow my friends and me found ourselves having a discussion about anal bleaching. I wish I could say that discussions of this kind of hyper-specific and socially questionable topic were oddities among my friends, but it's more or less de rigueur.

Anyway, for this week's writing prompt, I want you to combine these two events for yourself:
Write about the most awkward conversation you've ever had, and then embellish it a bit — ramp up the awkwardness to 11.