Monday, November 26, 2018

A Melville-ous Pair (A Mark Flyleaf Story)

Mark and his new client sat on opposite sides of the desk. Mark scanned the man’s application.

Well, what can we do for you Mister... I’m sorry. I can’t make out your handwriting on the application.”

Call me Ishmael.”

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Bureau of Fictional Character Placement

What follows is the first of six (currently) Mark Flyleaf stories. I'll be publishing a new one here each Monday morning through Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoy them.

The Bureau of Fictional Character Placement

"Good afternoon Mister . . . " Mark glanced at the form on his desk " . . . Burton. Please, have a seat." Mark gestured to the chair opposite his desk and then sat down himself.

"Please, call me Jim."

Saturday, November 17, 2018

I Have Returned, Probably

It was no surprise to me that I hadn't blogged on here in quite a while. It was a small surprise at how long it has actually been. I haven't posted anything on here since January! That's just wrong.

What follows are a few updates and a bit of what you can expect in the future (more posts, I hope!). The tl;dr version is this:
  • My ebook is now free
  • I've been posting about language elsewhere on the internet (and will continue to do so), though I won't be posting much longer at 
  • I'll be posting a series of connected short stories here soon, for your reading pleasure.
  • I hope to be posting here more in the future, as long as I both find the time to write and have something interesting to share.
Here's the fuller version: