Monday, November 30, 2015

Writing Prompt: A Gift

Now that Thanksgiving is over, so many people are now turning their eyes to the stores, trying to find the perfect gift for every person they know. It's a task few if any ever accomplish.

But the whole Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/CyberMonday/Fall into Bankruptcy Tuesday in part leads straight to this week's writing prompt:

Write a story about looking for or buying a gift for someone. (Bonus points if the gift in question turns out to be something a normal person wouldn't think of as a gift.)

Ulterior motive

I say "in part" because this prompt comes from another place, too. It was the prompt given at an Indy WordLab event that eventually turned into "The Perfect Gift," a short story that The Saturday Evening Post published in its website.

And remember, if you ever write something based on one of my prompts and publish it online, come back and leave a link to it in the comments!