Monday, November 23, 2015

Writing Prompt: For the first time...

The first snow of the season came to the Logophilius household on Friday. Entirely too early, if you ask me, though I admit I'm having a difficult time accepting that it's already the end of November.

Wasn't summer just two weeks ago? And autumn last week?

At any rate, the first snowfall got me thinking about firsts in general, which led to this week's writing prompt:
Write a fictional account of someone experiencing something for the first time. Don't make it something that people experience only once in a lifetime or that is otherwise extremely rare — make it relatable.

Ulterior motive

If I think about it, I recognize that I'm fairly jaded. But in the daily humdrum, I rarely find myself noticing the dullness of my routine or my world-weariness. There aren't a lot of firsts in my life anymore; you may feel the same way about your life.

Use this writing prompt to try to relive what it was like to do something for the first time. Try to recapture the excitement or fear or anxiety or whatever emotion you felt that first time.

The first snow of the winter of 2015–2016, November 21, 2015.