Monday, March 16, 2015

Writing prompt: Saying thanks

I haven't read much by Terry Pratchett. But still. Whenever a writer dies — and especially when a writer dies too young — I feel a special kind of loss.

Whenever a Terry Pratchett dies — or a Ray Bradbury or a Maya Angelou — we hear a lot from other writers about what an inspiration they were.

Sir Terry Pratchett
It makes me feel good, but it also makes me feel bad. I wish they could have heard all those great things people say about them when they were alive.

But we can do something about that.

Choose one of your favorite living writers — someone who influences how and what you write — and write something for them. An homage, a short story in which they are the protagonist, or just a fan letter. Borrow a style, or a setting, or a character. Tell a new story that lets someone know what their work means to you.

Bonus points for doing the homework and sending what you write to the person you're honoring.