Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Trip to the Video Store

A late-night three-word Wednesday post. Better late than never!


Today's words are bloody, kinky, and tender, which may also be the title of the next Red Hot Chili Peppers album. Here, though, we visit a couple who are having trouble seeing eye-to-eye.

The Rimers are a happy pair who go together everywhere. Tonight they're at the video store (before too long there'll be no more) trying to decide what's right to take back home and watch tonight.

The lady sees a row of Masks and Mrs. Rimer softly asks, "How 'bout that old Jim Carrey flick?"

Says Mr. R, "He makes me sick. You want some laughs? How 'bout Tom Hanks?"

"That overrated punk? No thanks."

"This is different. Look, 'Big Momma.'"

"Maybe we should try a drama — something tender, sweet, and deep."

"Films like that put me to sleep. I need some action, something rough."

"But not too bloodyhate that stuff. A kinky one could fuel our lust!"

"We don't need films for that, I trust. How 'bout a war film, say, John Wayne?"

"Oh please, not Green Berets again! Maybe science fiction? Tron?"

"What kind of loopy drugs you on?! Oooh! A western high-noon fight?"

"Excuse me? You have met me, right?"

On and on through every aisle and through every genre, all the while the two simply could not agree on just what movie they should see. Neither Rimer would relent, and so they found no film to rent.

Back home and locked into routine, long after all daylight had gone, they sat and watched the TV screen but never turned the damned thing on.