Wednesday, April 4, 2012

About Blogging

It's three-word Wednesday time. This week's words are growl, hype, and justify.

I usually try to stay on the lighter side with these things, but this poem is what grew out of today's words. It's about this blog, and it's honest.

Wednesday (Photo credit: teachernz)
I grouse and growl about this blog,
Wishing for more comments.
They're somewhat rarer than I'd like
(But I do have my moments).

Still, the interactions would
Sure justify my spending
All the hours designing it.
And writing. And amending.

Probably, it's all my fault
And I've no grounds to gripe.
I'm not so good at selling it,
Of stirring up the hype.

But I'll continue with this blog
(Truth be told, I need it)
And thank and cherish those great few
Who regularly read it.

And seriously, thank you all for whatever time you've spent reading this stuff.
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