Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Nasty Three-Word Wednesday Limerick

Warning: The following limerick, in true limerickian fashion, is rated PG-13, which means that if you're 13 years old and your parents read this over your shoulder, they will be quite embarrassed. If you want to embarass them more, ask them to explain what the limerick means.

Your immediate response to this limerick should be "Ew!" If it wasn't then either I haven't done my job, or you're one sick puppy.

You have been warned.

Today's three-word Wednesday words are plausible, taint, and willingly.

To That Girl I Went to School With but Who Shall Here Remain Nameless Because There's No Reason to Embarrass Her or Her Family Now (But You Know Who You Are)

Though your sexual advances are quaint,
A plausible girlfriend you ain't.
Though you willingly show it,
I hope that you know it:
No one wants to look at your taint.