Monday, January 24, 2011

Do Me a Quick Favor, Dear Reader

Just leave a quick comment for this post!

So here's the deal: Like any blogger, I'm outrageously curious about how many people are reading my blog. I've had Google Analytics keeping track of some blog traffic for a while. (Incidentally, it's amazing how a single picture of Jessica Alba will bring people to a blog. I can expect a small but steady stream to this post now that it, too, mentions Jessica Alba [twice!].) And according to my stats, seven people are following this blog through Blogger.

Earlier this month, I rerouted my RSS feed through Feedburner hoping to get some idea of how many people get this blog through an RSS feed. I was surprised to find, a few days later, that the magic number was 38 (which has since risen to 40). Based on the small number of comments my blog posts usually get, I'm cautious about believing that number.

So consider this a verification of the those stats. Just leave a comment to this post. Say hi, and let me know how you found this post: an RSS feed, Facebook, a link from another site, whatever.

If you're a regular reader, first, THANK YOU. Second, let me know what type of posts you enjoy most. I can make this blog anything I want it to be, so I might as well make it something that I know people are interested in reading. Or just tell me your favorite word. Or your favorite cat name pun. Or whatever.

And thanks for reading!