Thursday, September 24, 2015

National Punctuation Day 2015

Today is National Punctuation Day, that day when we thank our grade-school English teachers, mock misused apostrophes wherever we find them (which is everywhere), and reaffirm our belief that those who don't use the serial comma (or do, depending on your beliefs) are evil clarity-haters spreading heretical grammar far and wide.

Or something like that.

Imagine my surprise when I came to my own blog and discovered that I haven't created a "punctuation" tag. I'll fix that starting with this post, applying it retroactively when I find the time and energy.

Today, for a little punctuation fun, I direct you to a few punctuational posts from my past:

My poem about the semicolon is in a post simply titled "Grammar Day: The Semicolon." (I know that punctuation is not grammar. Please don't troll me. Not about that, anyway.)

Around the same time, I wrote a short poem called "The Overworked Apostrophe." However, I hid it within a post bearing the inscrutable title "Grammar Day: The Overworked Apostrophe."

You can also read about the time I came in second in the National Grammar Day haiku contest with a haiku about the semicolon. Yes, again with the semicolon. The post is called "My National Grammar Day Post. It's Only Two Weeks Late."