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For twenty-five years, has been a great rallying point and resource for copy editors in all media and at all skill levels. It offers daily posts about grammar, language, style, technology, and job opportunities; monthly educational audioconferences; a job board; and even information about editing Canadian versus American English.

Not to mention nearly three dozen posts by yours truly. (Last Friday's "(Nearly) Identical Twins" is a pretty fun word game, if I do say so myself.)

And now it's getting even better. Two of the driving editorial forces behind its continued success — copy editors Erin Brenner and Laura Poole — have founded Pilcrow Group, Inc. and purchased the Copyediting brand and website from Manifest LLC. is now solely in the hands of copy editors.

Erin and Laura are dedicated to educating copy editors, and as their press release states, we can expect an expansion of resources and training opportunities from in the future.

Whether you consider yourself a student of language and are interested in what the life of a copy editor is all about, or you're a professional copy editor with decades of experience under your belt, should be on your radar for information, camaraderie, and a little fun.

I don't often publish press releases on my blog — this might even be the first one — so the fact that I'm doing it today ought to tell you how strongly I support and its new owners, Pilcrow Group, Inc. As I wrote above, I have been published on the site, but I have not been paid or otherwise coerced into reprinting this press release or even just blogging about it.

Really. If you're interested in writing, editing, or the English language at all, go check it out.

Here's the press release:

Copyediting, the World’s Premier Brand for Editors, Is Back in Editors’ Hands

Pilcrow Group Inc., an editor-run company for editor training and publishing, purchased Copyediting, the premier brand for copyeditors, on September 22, 2015.

Durham, North Carolina, September 22, 2015—Pilcrow Group Inc., an editor training and publishing company, has purchased Copyediting, the world’s leading resource for copyeditors.

Formerly owned by Manifest LLC, Copyediting is a 25-year-old brand comprising a bimonthly newsletter, monthly training audio conferences, and a blog, as well as a job board and a forum.

Says Erin Brenner, one of Pilcrow Group’s founding partners, “We’re thrilled that Copyediting is back in the hands of working copyeditors. No one understands an editor’s needs for training and information like another editor, and Laura and I are eager to give editors more of what they need.”

“We’ve surveyed our peers and listened to what they want from a supporting organization. In the coming months, editors will be able to sign up for multisession webinars, purchase training books, and join private training groups,” says Pilcrow Group founding partner Laura Poole.

Copyediting was founded as a newsletter in 1990 by copyeditor Mary-Beth Protomastro and has remained the premier publication for copyeditors around the world. The brand now includes an extensive website, which hosts a daily blog, a job board, and a forum. Copyediting also hosts monthly training in the form of audio conferences and webinars.

Brenner and Poole plan to expand Copyediting’s resources considerably, including books and e-books, multisession webinars, live events, and more. Their stated mission is to provide development and support for editors across the career spectrum—from just starting out to senior and advanced editors in all fields.

Editors interested in learning more about Copyediting’s offerings can visit or email

About Pilcrow Group Inc.

Pilcrow Group, Inc. was founded by Erin Brenner of Right Touch Editing and Laura Poole of Archer Editorial Services. Brenner is the recent editor-in-chief of the newsletter and blog for Copyediting. Poole is the recent event organizer for Copyediting. Pilcrow Group is dedicated to career development and support for editors.

Erin Brenner