Saturday, September 6, 2014

Today's word: sororal

I took a few moments to click through the chronological navigation over on the right side of the screen the other day and realized that, even before my precious laptop was stolen, I had really been slacking off on this blog. I'll try to do better. (But, again, it would be much easier with a new laptop.)

So here's a little tidbit for the weekend, and I'll have a new story for you on Monday. Promise.

Today's word: sororal

This tops the list of "Words That Make You Sound Like Scooby-Doo," but it's also rather useful. It might be used in the place of the word sisterly.

As fraternal is to fraternity, so sororal is to sorority. Though with a pronunciation like "sore-oral," it's front-loaded for making fellatio jokes that will get a guy slapped. Even Scooby-Doo. Consider that your "how not to use the word" lesson for the day.