Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Post That Almost Was

I just spent the better part of two hours trying to write a post about how hard it is to come up with something interesting and original to say on this blog. After the third version veered once again into a pity party for yours truly, I gave up and deleted it.

The gist of it was that it's hard to come up with something to say that hasn't already been said. But that's all I really had to say about it. That it's hard. The rest of the potential post just seemed like gravy. Cold, flavorless gravy.

I thought I might develop it into a monologue about how no one can expect to post day after day something that is truly original. Unique. But I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that, and so I couldn't get it there.

I tried to figure out how to mention that I have been writing, working bit-by-bit on a larger work in progress, and that I'm about 11,000 words in, but it didn't fit in quite right.

And I thought I would end it with half-hearted promises about things that might come soon if I ever get my act together, like blogging about next week's Blog Indiana conference and then, sometime after that, having a contest involving wordplay. But, of course, I never got to the end.

So I didn't get to tell you all that stuff because it kept devolving into something I didn't want to read, much less want to show to anyone else.

A pity.