Sunday, August 26, 2012


Last week, I held a contest offering up a free word-lover's book to whoever came up with the best new pangram (that is, a sentence that uses all 26 letters) that comes in at under 65 characters. While I was hoping for some great participation and shows of wit, the contest received only two entries.
Quibbling over Mitt's tax return may just lead to a wicked prize fight.
Although I thank @Mededitor and @AlgotRuneman for their entries, I was hoping for more. You made me sad today, Internet. Was I expecting too much, hoping that you might
Just don your quixotic thinking fez and weave a fabulous pangram?
But, though the number of entries was not what I had hoped, I still will award the prize. In fact, I'll simply award a prize to both entrants. Here are their pangram entries.

Mededitor wrote,
For the love of quinces, zero waxy bad ones pack good jam.
And Algot Runeman wrote,
My boffing zone wax entry is quiescently poked and honed by jove!
Winners, I'll be contacting you through Twitter to get your address and choice for which of the three books you would most like to own. Or, if you read this before I get to you, just DM the info to me.

For those of you who read about the contest but didn't enter, why not? Was it too difficult? Too uninteresting?
Criticizing my bookkeeper's exquisite jewelry could lead to a violent fight.
I really would like your opinion about this. And if you have a new pangram that you would like to share, feel free to do it here.