Saturday, March 3, 2012

Circles Excerpt, Chapter 1

Certain sections of the novel I'm currently working on (Circles) are coming together nicely. I've decided to give Six-Sentence Sunday a try and put some excerpts out there for anyone who's interested.

Here's the first. Nothing happens in this bit, but I really like how this description of Leon came out.
To look at him, Leon seemed the epitome of the "scary black man." The white teeth of his wide smile gleamed Cheshire-like from his ebony face, his nose so broad that his nostrils seemed permanently flared in anger. His huge eyes, like coals dropped in fresh snow, could not be intimidated into looking away. His short, curly black hair had receded to the crown of his head so that light reflected from his scalp like the halo of Saint Peter, standing ready to cast judgment.

All this sat atop a body that might once have held up the sky — broad, bulging, and solid as granite. He was built like a linebacker — a linebacker you wouldn’t want to piss off.
Comments and critiques are hoped for and welcomed!