Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Birth of an "Author"

Just in time for World Poetry Day, here's today's three-word Wednesday poem.
Today's words are amateur, diligent, and nurture.

So diligently, though an amateur, she
Worked all through the night on her story.
She had this small notion that set her in motion
Toward what she had hoped would be glory.

Thought she had quite the hook, she nurtured that book,
Didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't pee.
And when she reached the end, saved the file and clicked Send,
She dreamt what her future might be.

She imagined indeed all the people would read,
And writing would be her new living.
In her mail the next day, they had plenty to say —
And those agents weren't very forgiving.

"What this story has not: Interest, pathos, and plot."
"It's an odious mass of stupidity."
"A complete waste of ink." "Almost drove me to drink."
"Piece of crap!" and some other acidity.

But one guy who read it thought, "Just needs an edit!
And rantings like this are in vogue."
Though the facts were suspect, the text was spellchecked,
And that's how we got Going Rogue.
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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at Dover, New Hamp...
I'm Sarah Palin, and I endorse this poem.*
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* No, she doesn't. She really, really doesn't.