Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Many US Dollars in a US Euro?

I found the following in one of the e-mail inboxes at work:
We wish to congratulate you over your email success in our 2010 Spainish Postcode Lotto E-mail program.

(i) Amount Won: 900,000 {Nine Hundred Thousand United State Euros Only
(ii) Ticket Number: (ES42071-002)
(iii) Batch Number EU-175508)
(iv) Reference Number ES07-84-09-00-221)

Contact the claim officer with your winning references for more informations and claim including Your Full Name,Address,Telephone,Fax,age and occupation.
[More contact information followed]
Now, I knew that spammers could get pretty lazy, but come on! How dim-witted and gullible would you have to be to be taken in by this?!

I like the idea of a "Spainish Postcode Lotto E-mail program," though. Spainish, of course, is like Spain but not actually Spain. It's Spain-ish. Like (to too many Americans) Mexico, Portugal, or the Phillipines.

And I may start asking for informations, the obvious plural of information, in the days ahead. I suppose that if I just sent them my first name, that would qualify as giving an information? But by giving them all that they ask, I'm giving them some informations? You gotta love the laziness here.

But of course, the big tip-off is that I apparently won 900,000 United State Euros, which is a lot more than the 900,000 Canadian Pesos that those spammers in "Nova Scochia" are promising.