Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cleaning Out the Phone Pix

One of the "great" things about modern cell phones is that they also have built-in cameras, which means I'm always prepared to take a crappy picture.

But now I'm cleaning out my picture files, and I thought I'd share some with you. they're not all word-related, but most of them are, especially if you stick to twisted logic.

This is from last summer. It's an interesting juxtaposition of signs at the gas station:
Read together, it says, "Free Kids Sticker Activity Set or Meth." Which would you take?

While we're at the gas station, here are a couple instances of the seemingly ever-present unnecessary quotation marks:

The gas station now takes "debit" cards, nudgenudge winkwink.

It might be difficult to see, but the shell no the back of the black pickup advertises "quality" and "service," as opposed to quality and service. (That little red number next to it is mine. It's a Jeep Patriot. I chose it so people would know I'm patriotic.)

Continuing with punctuation and other symbols, how much does it cost to play this claw game?

If the sign is to be believed, it costs $.50¢. (This sign also shows one of my irrational pet peeves. Although it has been around for centuries, I just don't like how the un in until turned into another l and moved to the back of the word to become till. I have no problem with 'til, but till always makes me think of gardening. Like I said — irrational.)

Another sign that doesn't say what it means. Well, maybe this one does, but I just don't speak icon.

This is a little scary because I think these are the emergency exit instructions for this bus. I my 20-minute bus ride worrying about being in a horrible accident. If that bus rolled over, I could have died trying to tease out how to get out that window.

To the left, you'll see that there is no upside-down smoking allowed on the bus.

This next shot is of a bulletin board at my son's elementary school. It is apparently some sort of vocabulary-focused display.

I'm not sure what about this always makes me grin. Maybe it's the comparison of Ben Stein with Marvin the depressed robot, or maybe it's the idea that Ben Stein seems to be universally known for his lack of speaking range. Or that some teacher expects his 2010 elementary school kids to have seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Speaking of classic movies, someone really Office Spaced this printer. I found these remains in a nearby public park:

To the Parks and Rec people, IT WASN'T ME!

And finally, while we're on the subject of sullying up public parks, here's a cute little graffitree that immortalizes two letters' loving relationship with two other letters in a State Park:

Defacing public property doesn't get any sweeter than this.