Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Frappuccino = frappe + cappuccino

If you don't know what a Frappuccino is, you're missing out. A Frappuccino is Starbuck's deeeeeelicious blend of a little coffee, a lot of milk, a little flavoring, and a lot of ice, all blended together in a yummy caffeinated cool-down drink.

No. I'm not on Starbuck's payroll; I do really love Frappuccinos. But, you know, if someone wants to throw some advertising bucks my way, I wouldn't complain. Or just a free Frappuccino. I'm such a whore.

I used to make my own version of the Frappuccino at home. I had it down pretty well, too. I called it the "Andyccino."