Thursday, February 11, 2016

A New Look for

A screen shot of the new layout. is wearing some nice new threads these days. Go to the website now and ooh and aah at the slick new look. (What's even better than how it looks for readers is how it works for contributors.)

While you're there, check out some of the great advice and information for working wordsmiths on the blog, including a few from yours truly:

The AP released a handful of of updates to its stylebook early this week. In "Associated Press Updates Stylebook," I give a quick overview of what you need to know if you follow AP style.

In "A Comma Problem among Editors," I write about a common point of disagreement among editors — the placement or absence of commas that might not strictly be necessary. "Five for Fighting," I write about five words that all stem from the Latin pugnare, "to fight," plus one that doesn't. Later that week, I challenged my Twitter followers to try to use all six of them when writing about the Republican debate.

In "Singular or Plural, the Writing's on the Wall," I talk about the word graffiti and it's little-used singular form, graffito, with some advice on how and when to pair them with the right verbs.