Sunday, January 24, 2016

Writing Prompt: Another Childhood Memory Reclaimed

I won't claim to understand in the slightest the whole bronies thing — adult men who follow My Little Ponies with more energy and spending money than its target audience of little girls. Now coloring books for adults are landing on best-seller lists. (I understand this more — the almost meditative act of filling in white space and the urge to create.)

That leaves me wondering, what's next?

That's where this writing prompt begins, and you decide where it goes. Choose some product or activity designed for children and write a fake news story about how it has become a new fad for adults.

What's the next weird thing that will catch on with grown-ups?
  • Will burgeoning Dora the Explorer fan fiction sites lead to a live-action, R-rated  movie?
  • Will a new industry develop around hip businesses wanting reinforced swingsets and slides in their company parks for high-flying business meetings?
  • Will Swarovski launch a new line of thousand-dollar crystal marbles as the game of marbles makes a comeback among Wall Street stock brokers?
  • Will the must-have fitness accessory be a water bottle topped with a rubber nipple?
Let us know what weird but totally plausible things you come up with.

The Dora the Explorer live-action movie wasn't my idea. College Humor has already filmed the trailer: