Monday, February 2, 2015

Writing Prompt: A Larger Vision

Your protagonist is in an unfamiliar place and, for whatever reason, suddenly cannot see — unexpected blindness, a chemical spill, a massive power outage, whatever. He needs to navigate through the area in front of him — again, why he needs to do this is up to you. Maybe there's an eye-wash station, or he's trying to get to the circuit breaker.
 The breakdown is this: The character needs to get across the room, and his blindness is keeping him from it.Write the scene, in first person, of this character making his way blindly across the room.

Ulterior motive

Writers and readers both often can get caught up with the idea of a story as a movie that takes place in the mind. Problem is, movies tap into only two senses: sight and hearing. This prompt is designed to force you to think creatively about including the four senses that get the least work and give readers a complete world to fall into.