Friday, January 2, 2015

The Year in Review (Is the Most Cliched Post Title Ever)

The year 2014 was, overall, a difficult time for me as a writer and an editor. I could write up a whole retrospective of what happened in the last twelve months, but it would come off as one long whine.

Let's stick to the blog, shall we?

My most popular blog post of 2014, by views, was about Weird Al Yankovic's Word Crimes video,  helped along, no doubt, by it being mentioned in a post. Word Crimes was one of those divisive events of the year -- anyone who has an opinion about it either loves it or hates it.

Most people, of course, just don't give a damn.
2015: A Preview

My favorite blog post to write, though, was about the 1970s disco pirate I saw at the zoo and what it revealed about one of my shortcomings as a writer.

The blog post that got the most comments (a whopping three, plus my own) was "To a Thief," a call for whoever stole my laptop (whine whine whine) to please remove and return the hard drive to the library from which the laptop was stolen. (It didn't happen.)

I recognize that I didn't give you all a lot to comment about in the last year. My resolution this year, then, is to give you all more reason to come here and comment.

And if it means topless photos, it means topless photos.