Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An Appearance Will Be Made

Though it doesn't have the flash, glamour, or legalized prostitution of Las Vegas, Indianapolis (at least this year) does have one thing in common with Sin City: Me as a conference speaker.

I have been accepted as a speaker at this year's Mixwest marketing/social media/design/tech conference, being held on July 31 and August 1 on the campus of the University of Indianapolis. My session is called "Zombies and Hummingbirds: What Google Updates Mean for Content," though the schedule hasn't been finalized yet, so I can't tell you exactly when you'll get to hear my thunderous, James Earl Jonesian voice.1

English: Amanda Palmer Live 2008
"Dear Indianapolis, I won't see you soon." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(There's also no word yet on who the keynote speaker will be. Every year, I hope for Amanda Palmer, but I don't think the U of I would appreciate us imbibing to the extent necessary to properly participate in one of her shows. One the other hand, they would sell out that conference so damn fast!2)

This presentation will be based on the one I gave in March in Las Vegas to a great bunch of copy editors. But, of course, time on the Internet moves more quickly than everywhere else, so I have some updating to do to make sure I'm giving the most up-to-date info I can.

I am, as the kids say, totes excited about the opportunity. I hope to see some of you there!

1. Results may vary.
2. Seriously, though, she could turn this great conference into something epic.