Friday, May 31, 2013

Building Content: Think King Arthur, Not Genghis Khan

I'm rather bummed that most of my last few blog posts have just been links to my work-related posts at digitalrelevance. (That doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing it, just that I'm bummed about it.)

My most recent post, "Forget Building Out Content, Build It Up Instead," is about quality over quantity when it comes to posting content and trying to build a customer base. My conclusion boils down to this: Content is still king, but it should be modeled after the kingdom of King Arthur (small and high-quality) and not Genghis Khan (far-reaching but horrible). If you're not any sort of online content developer, you probably won't be interested.

What you might be interested in, though, is a forthcoming series I'm writing about copy editing that includes specific tips about things to try and to look for to turn boring posts into interesting prose. It will likely garner the derision of the linguists at Language Log, given their penchant for striking out at any editorial device that . . . well, any editorial advice, really.

One of these days I will air my grievances with those wordly folk. And I'll do it on this blog, not at work.

Here's a picture of a puppy:
The Puppy, seen in Megalochori of Santorini
The Puppy, seen in Megalochori of Santorini (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Those adorable ears are a puppy's way of saying "Buy my book!"
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