Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day weekend rolled around once again, and I found myself scrambling for some sort of gift to give my mother to let her know . . . you know . . . the type of things you're supposed to let your mother know on Mother's Day. Like, my favorite movie and how regular I've been and stuff.

But I've been on the low side of broke for a little while now, so my options were rather limited. So I did what any thoughtful, loving, 10-year-old son would do: I wrote my mom a poem and put it in a card.

And here it is:

Mother's Day card
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I thought I might buy you a car
For this year's Mother's Day,
But title, tax and license fees
Kept getting in the way.

Maybe, then, a trip to France
For you and Dad to take?
Mais vous ne parlez pas fran├žais
So that thought's a mistake.

Some jewelry could be the gift,
Some sparkly thing you'll cherish.
But no — my fashion sense just goes
From overpriced to garish.

Perhaps a novel you've not read
From some nearby bookstall?
But when I browse the title list,
It seems you've read them all.

So many gifts I couldn't get
To show you that I'm in your debt
This Mother's Day weekend. But yet . . .

You get my love and gratitude
Through smooth and trying times,
And now you get this little card,
These verses, and these rhymes.

Love you, Mom!

(And yes, Hallmark editors, I am available for some freelance work.)
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