Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Twas a Sight Before Christmas

A Three-Word Wednesday post. Today's words are belief, festive, and rumple.

'Twas a Sight Before Christmas

or, She Came Upon a Midnight Clear

I bought a festive DVD,
A marked-down Christmas flick
Whose cover was a rumpled mess,
Its face a faded pic.

I took it home and put it on
And stared into the screen.
The story that the movie told
I ne'er before had seen:

From The Chive
Mrs. Claus was crying, sad,
Alone on Christmas Eve.
There came a rapping at the door —
What's next you won't believe!

One by one, they filed in:
Eight tiny little elves
Dressed up as half-nude reindeer men
And playing with themselves.

She worked her Christmas magic then,
She held them each in thrall —
On Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, yes,
The vixen rode them all.

Then in walked Santa Claus himself
Beneath his beard, a grin.
He gave a hearty "ho ho ho!"
And then he joined right in!

It was a Christmas miracle
Those naughty elves weren't fired,
And by the time the movie stopped
My arm was sorely tired.

Now I'm too old for fairy tales,
I don't buy all the buzz.
I know that Santa doesn't come —
But Mrs. Claus sure does!