Saturday, July 16, 2011

A New Look for Logophilius

I wanted to redesign this blog for a while. For the longest time, I felt that the main column was too thin and the blog overall was just too green (no offense to Bruce Banner or Hal Jordan).

Occasionally I'd poke around online, looking for a nice-looking and free template. Last night I found one I really liked. It was simple, it was wide, and it was clean. My intention was to work with it a little on my desktop to see if I could get it to look the way I wanted it to. Somewhere in there, I ended up pushing the whole thing live -- everything, that is, except the header image.

This morning, I spent about an hour putting together an awesome (toot toot goes my own horn) animated GIF to put inthe header. Now, the image above may or may not have animated for you -- it was supposed to build up the layers of "Logophilius" one by one, and then the phrase "The Lover of Words" would fade in. That's what the animated GIF does, anyway, only Blogger doesn't really support animated GIFs. (Neither, I found out, does Flickr, which is why I now have a Photobucket account.)

But sometimes the animation does work. I have no idea what logic, if any, governs whether or not the heading will run. If it animated for you, consider yourself lucky.

At any rate, the blog is redesigned now. It should be easier on the eyes now, and in my opinion, it looks just a bit more professional.

Whatever that means.

I have noticed that the new template screwed up some formatting in older posts, though, and I'll fix those as I find them and find the time. If you find any fubared formatting, feel free to let me know (you can just leave a comment on the relevant post) and I'll get to it eventually.

And some day I will have to rebuild my blogroll. Some day.

My thanks to the folks at for putting together this Blogger template and offering it up for us copy-pasters.

Opinions welcomed.