Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three Word Wednesday: Billy Finally Gets His Girl

It's three word Wednesday time! This week's words are dainty, haunting, and tantalize.

Many of us know the pain of silently loving someone from afar. I know I certainly do. Here's a poem about a man who finally found his way into the heart of the woman he loved from a distance for so long.

Billy Finally Gets His Girl

Those haunting eyes that tantalized me so
For ten long years of painful, deep desire,
Whose bluest depths I'd always longed to know
At last reflect the heat of my desire.

Her lips, which long denied me loving grins —
More often showing grief, disgust, or fear —
Are mine to kiss (and use for other sins)
And now form words for none but me to hear.

Her dainty figure — supple, warm, and sweet —
That long remained beyond my hungry hand,
Is now all mine, from fragrant hair to feet,
To hold, to mold, to love, and to command.

No longer do I linger in her shadow in effacement
Now that I've locked her safely in the pit down in my basement.