Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Logophilius Gets Videolicious

Here's a fun way to waste time: Come up with a kooky monologue or dialogue and then go to XtraNormal.com and turn it into a kookier animated movie. Here's one I threw together that I call "Grammatical Surgery":

(You laughed, right? I didn't think so.)

This was interesting to create because the characters didn't always pronounce the words the way I wanted them to be pronounced, so I had to tweak the "script" a bit to make it more phonetic. For example, the last word of the script was originally "semicolon," which the animation program wanted to rhyme with the Ashton Kutcher reference Demi-ballin'. I changed it to "semi coal in," and the results still aren't optimal.

The program has no frame of reference for syllable accents, either. But it's still loads of fun.

Next, I'm going to see what music I can make with the program...