Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's Word: deluge

deluge: The sudden appearance of a large amount of (literally) water or (metaphorically) other substance that one could literally or figuratively drown in, as in this true statement: "Over the last two weeks, the deluge of projects vying for my time has left me little opportunity to blog." Capitalized, Deluge refers the biblical Great Flood made famous by that fundamentalist rock band Noah & the Arkonauts.

Not to be confused with . . .

de luge: De vinter spoort vit de feet firsten on de sleddie und zoomen en swoopen doon de eecy treench. (from Scooter's English-to-Swedish Chef Dictionary*)

Answer me this: How do you pronounce deluge? Is it a DAY-loojh, a duh-LOOJH, a duh-LOO-gee, or something else?

* As far as I know, this book doesn't really exist. If it did, though, I'd want one on my bookshelf. At work.