Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God Love's Apostrophe's

This picture is too good on so many levels.
First, in the realm of grammar and usage, there's the overabundance of apostrophes. (In case you're wondering, there should be exactly one apostrophe on this sign, in "Jehovah's Witnesses.") Then there's the missing period in "P.K's." (When I was growing up, P.K. stood for "Preacher's Kid." Really?)

I wish I knew the context of this sign, because the list is so eclectic. I can see why a right-wing religious nut might wonder why athiests, agnostics, abortionists, racists, pagans, and adulterers love the devil, and I can see the politics behind hating feminists, liberals, environmentalists, and democrats. But really, drunkards? Effeminate men? Emos??? Sports nuts?!?!

I'm guessing that whoever made this sign made it a little too long and then had to brainstorm for things to fill it up with. Then again, I'm just a God-hating high fullutent sophisticated swine, so what do I know?

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