Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Quick Trip to the Bookstore

I needed to get out of the apartment this afternoon, so I took a quick trip to the nearest bookstore, where these three things happened:

  1. I bought a "Bad Cats" calendar. I always buy my calendars after the new year at half off or better. An assortment of calendars were still available: a couple for Twilight; a stack of exotic or cute animals calendars; the Maxim, SI Swimsuit Issue, and Playboy Lingerie calendars, which wouldn't go over well at work; and some calendars featuring movies I haven't seen and don't want to. "Bad Cats" (no relation to the Broadway musical) seemed the best of the bunch for my tastes.
  2. I rolled my eyes when I found that they're still shelving Neal Stephenson's novels in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. What does it take to land in Literature?
  3. Found a stack of the Peter Aykroyd rendition of The Canterbury Tales displayed prominently in the World History section. Chaucer, meanwhile, is shelved in Literature.
  4. I flipped through a copy of The Lexicographer's Dilemma. I had put it on my Christmas wish list, and now I want it even more. But I pay full price for very few things these days, and I didn't want to drop $26 on it today. I guess that's the cash-strapped bibliophile's dilemma.