Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Words of JK Rowling

In honor today’s release of the movie version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

harry: To force to move along by constant harassing, or generally to constantly harass or torment.

potter: Someone who makes pots and pottery.

Hermione: The only daughter of Menelaus and Helen. While they were, uh, busy with the Trojan War, Hermione was raised by her aunt Clytemnestra.

Granger: A member of the national fraternal organization, the Grange, made up primarily of farmers.

Ron: Okay, so Ron and Ronald are both just boys names. I couldn’t just leave him out!

weasely: Resembling a weasel in some characteristic(s).(All right, you got me: It’s Ron Weasley, not Ron Weasely...)

And, just for kicks,

mundungus: Bad-smelling tobacco.

fletcher: A person who makes arrows.

  "For the love of Hermione!" shouted Ron, getting a snootful of the mundungus emanating from the clay pipe held in the teeth of his roommate George, a weasely, out-of-work potter with a habit of smoking so-called "antique tobacco" while working at his potter's wheel. "What is that horrible smell?!"

  "That, my friend, is 150-year-old, home-grown tobacco from the farm of an old Granger out of Iowa," replied Geroge, "and I do believe you've harried me quite enough about my most noble of cardiovascular pursuits.”

  "You’re mental, you are!"