Monday, June 15, 2009

Misquoted: Palin and the Exploitation of Mirrors

Found in an online article from the NBC Bay Area News. In quoting Sarah Palin's hockey-mask-mom letter to David Letterman — concerning some jokes that Dave made about Sarah and her daughters visiting New York — the Web site printed this as part of her letter:

"…acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone's daughter, contributes to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of mirrors by older men who use and abuse others."

I could go on about the fact that every underage girl is someone's daughter, making Palin's "who could be anyone's daughter" statement redundant, or I could rant about the ridiculous idea that listening to or telling a bad joke contributes to child molestation (in the same way that glimpsing Janet Jackson's nipple can emotionally scar a child for life?), but I don't have time. I'm too busy prying the mirrors from the ceiling over my bed.