Someone's Wrong on the Internet, A Sonnet

A Three-Word Wednesday sonnet. Today's words are dismal, luscious, and waffle.

The luscious colors of a well-made page
Bedazzle eyes that stare into the screen
That mirrors back this electronic age
When beauty, with a single click, is seen.

We scroll the page; inspiring words we find
From out a blogger's deepest sacred heart —
And we are touched in spirit and in mind.
A kindred soul we've found, though worlds apart.

But then we see it: He wrote "tow the line."
An error, yes, but surely we're not trolls
Who point out flaws! Or should we undermine
The writer's joy t'appease our dismal souls?

We waffle 'twixt precision and regret
When someone's wrong out on the Internet.

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