Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Broccoflower = broccoli + cauliflower

Broccoflower is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. The word Broccoflower was trademarked in 1989 by an outfit in California called Tanimura & Antle. Their Broccoflower looks like lime-green cauliflower.

I'm thankful that T&A (tee-hee) chose Broccoflower over the other portmanteau possibility, caulicoli, which is waaaay too close to "Call E. coli."

Another vegetable variation can also properly be called broccoflower, and that is Romanesco broccoli, also called coral broccoli. This variant of cauliflower has been around in Italy since the 16th century. Romanesco broccoli is way cool because it takes on a fractal-looking pattern:

Used in the wild:
About two years ago I noticed something funny as I flipped through a grocery store flyer. On the produce page was an ugly, green-looking cauliflower, with the caption "$2.99! Broccoflower!" It was hilarious. A green cauliflower labelled as a Broccoflower. The bizarre misfit child from two of nature’s most hideous vegetables.
from 1000 Awesome Things